Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? Book by Lorrie Moore Enamel Pin

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Book: Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?
Author: Lorrie Moore

Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? is a novel by the writer Lorrie Moore and published in 1994. The novel is narrated by Berie Carr. While vacationing in Paris with her husband, Berie recalls her adolescence in Horsehearts, New York. A novel written from everyday life with a lot of humor and a strange depth.

Lorrie Moore is an American fiction writer known primarily for her deep humor and for the way she brings out the extraordinary in the lives of ordinary people. She is one of the most celebrated short-story writer of the current American narrative.

“They looked like frogs who’d been kissed and kissed roughly, yet stayed frogs.”
Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?, Lorrie Moore.